Tuesday, January 08, 2008


hi all,
i'm back after a long long gap...just a few hours ago last step of 7th semester was successfully climbed......nw with 2008 we are in 8th sem....final year...well leave it aside...
this blog is simply to tell all d people about the developments in gujrat....the state which is mostly abused for it's communal riots...
y r v so pessimistic..is pessimism in our blood??? certainly no.......coz i'm too optimistic...
well a single incident made gujarath a "COMMUNAL STATE" forever???
but our pig headed pretty politicians never think of the developmental activities in gujrat...
what all narendrabhai modi has done...and wat u sow is wat u get (WUSIWUG!!!)
so narendra modi is the CM again.....rather CM forever!!!!(for him CM=COMMON MAN)...

i was the happiest man when i saw the guj poll results on tv...everybody was against him...the media, congress, bjp rebels........but..the results are out and the results were shocking!!!!!NARENDRA BHAI AGAIN!!!!
i jumped with joy...i called up all my friends(though they were least interested) and shared the happy news.....
and i was sad coz no narendra bhai in my state.....
well, a glimpse of developments in gujrat under narendra bhai modi......

Economic and Industrial Achievements

Cargo handled by ports in Gujarat in last 6 years: 5917 lakh mts (2945 in prev 20 years)

Rs 50967 crores sales tax in last 6 years, (Rs 49611 cr in prev 41 years). No hike in taxes!

Octroi Abolished.

Revenue deficit decreased from 7200 cr in 2003 to 343 cr in 2006.

Employment through industries saw a jump of more than 400% compared to 2002 Oct!

Road development worth Rs 4783 Cr in last 6 years ( Rs 3484 Cr in previous 41 years!)

302 investment proposals to the tune of Rs 1,72,000 crores - 84% of these proposals implemented or are under active implementation process.
Ahmedabad is now a mega city and several world-class projects have been put on the fast track including the Sabarmati Riverfront Development and Bus Rapid Transit System.
Percentage of man-days lost in Gujarat due to labour strife is just 0.52% - the lowest in the country.
Modi's relentless efforts helped setting up two LNG terminals – one by LNG Petronet at Dahej and another by Shell at Hazira, operations commenced!
The Planning Commission had set a target growth rate of 10.2% for Gujarat compared to average of 8.2% for the country; Gujarat achieved a growth rate of 15% in the 1st yr
Since last 3 years, development expenditure is more than the non-development expenditure in Gujarat, which is an unusual phenomenon
Gujarat ranks No. 1 in The Economic Freedom Index as per the research conducted by The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Modi No.1 Chief Minister, thrice consecutively in five years in India

Educational Achievements

Number of seats in technical institutions have more than doubled in last 6 years.
Modi deposits each and every gift/souvenir received by him in the government treasury for the cause of girl child education Within a span of 41 years, his 13 predecessors had deposited a meagre amount of Rs.4.55 lacs, whereas the present Chief Minister has deposited Rs.287.37 lacs in a period of 5 years.
In 2006-07, the dropout rate of girl child has dwindled to 3.68 from 20.81 in 2000-01. Vidyalaxmi bond of Rs. 1000/- given to girl students who take admission to the 1st std and 8th std. The girl receives the amount of bond with interest on completion of std 7th and 10th respectively. This ensures higher retention rate.
11 new universities, 400 new colleges, 1.25 lakh new teachers, 38,000 new schoolrooms.
Campaign for imparting English education.
Fortification of food with folic acid. Due to these and other reforms, the number of children suffering from anemia and night blindness have decreased

Agricultural achievements

The state is now also known for roses, strawberries, organic products and above all bio-diesel.
108% hike in horticulture production in last 5 years

Annual growth average of Agricultural GSDP in last 6 years has been 12.87%,(3.74% in previous 10 years)
Yet another initiative unique to Gujarat is the Krishi Mahotsav. The Agricultural Festival is a knowledge sharing rendezvous of the farming community, a month-long event that brings together the farming community, the government officials, the scientists and many more connected with agriculture.
A snapshot of Krishi Mahotsav 2006
Guidance by agricultural scientists to 14,50,655 farmers
Personal counselling to 6,74,416 farmers and Guidance by APMC to 1,66,615 farmers.
Distribution of 1,42,711 Agriculture Kits and 1,36,773 Horticulture Kits
Distribution of 1,00,000 Animal Husbandry Kits and 98,827 Kisan Credit Cards
Implementation of All-Village Employment Scheme in 10,172 villages.
Vaccination of 48.8 Lac cattle and Agricultural sowing organized in 18,719 villages
Energy Achievements
Increase in the plant load factor, decrease in T&D losses.

Biggest CNG and LNG infrastructure in the country.

Gujarat emerging as petro-capital of the country
Gujarat now provides 24 hours electricity to all its 18000+ villages. 1st of its kind in India.
State electricity board which had a loss of 1932 cr in 2003 , now had a profit of 180 cr !

Wind power installed capacity which was 119.49MW till 2003 is now 568.49MW!
Water Achievements
Number of villages depending on tankers for water came down from 4054 in 2001 to 185.

• Linking the villages with a State Wide Water Grid.

• Interlinking of 21 rivers of the states.

• Near completion of Sardar Sarovar Project with benefits of water and electricity reaching 500km away from the dam.

• Creation of 2.25 lakh new water bodies by constructing check-dams and farm ponds.
Other Achievements
Almost 1000 Gynecologists provide free services to antenatal mothers on 9th day of each month.

67 Evening Courts started since November 2006. 1, 16,000 cases have been disposed off!
Gujarat has made e-Governance functional in all its 141 municipalities. All 14,000 gram panchayats have been made e-grams. Lesser corruption
Gujarat is the first state to implement the unique concept of river interlinking
Constitution of Chetak Commando to contain terrorism.
Freeing illegally held fishermen languishing in Pakistan jails
Implementing the Gujcoc law to make the police force more effective,
Enacting law to check forceful conversion.
Setting up all-women police station in every district.

this is gujrat for u.......
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