Friday, July 10, 2009


Saw this movie after a long time. And was ashamed too....Not coz i saw the movie, but for a reason. A reason for which i was blaming others for being like.and what's the reason for me being ashamed? well, here i speak out...
The legend of Bhagat Singh was the movie i saw yesterday (Thanks to UTV movies). I have watched this movie about ..hmm...well....i donno..that many times!!!But now after a long hiatus of about 1.5 yrs i was seeing that movie again.
There is a specific reason for me wathing that movie so many times. I have read biographies of almost all the characters in that movie. So whatever happens there i know the relation and co-relation between each of them.
I have read the biographical sketches about Chandrashekar Azad (Book named AJEYA in Kannada),Bagha Jatin (Rudhirabhisheka in Kannada),Bhagat Singh (Many books in english and Kannada), Batukeshwar datt (Small 32 page book but very informative),Netaji Subhash chandra bose (KOLMINCHU in Kannada),etc etc etc.
So everytime I watch the movie it's like re-reading the whole book. Living a krantikaari life myself and talking to all of them.But yesterday i forgot so many things. I forgot the name of the college through which Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Azad ran after killing Sanders.I forgot the name of the person who ditched Azad at the Alfred park, I forgot the name of Azad's gun adn so many such things!!! And I used to blame so many for not remembering the national heroes...forgetting their martyrdom...trashing their dream...and for what not....
Now this might be a simple "Oh-my-god-it-is-crap" thing for u all but not for me.
I'm very emotional about my nation. whenever i see someone swearing about the dirty roads in india and blaming India for that i really get pissed off.Come on guys it's not India who is spitting on roads and it's not India who breaks the traffic and bribes the police officer to escape away.It's we the Indians...
Whenever i see someone speaking shit about the family system of indians i shoot back at them saying we dont have 13 yr old gals carrying babies with them.Whenever i see someone calling indians as people with traditional and out-dated thoughts i say i'd prefer being traditional than being modern if modernization is loving machines and gadgets more than humans.
Whenever some shit headed US returned moron yells in a fake accent about the traffic jargon and the biting mosquitoes i dont speak anything , I show him the finger he deserves to be shown.
when some BOSCHLERS(Employees of BOSCH) speak of German discipline and the autobahns there i remind them of Adolf Hitler who created autobahn and I also remind them that the same Adolf Hitler created the toxic chamber.
I donno what u r thinking but a nation is never perfect.We have to make it perfect. We never think twice before ejecting a red spit from our mouth when we are in India, But when in Germany we are the best.What the hell happens to us when we return back??
I'm speaking it out coz i saw some people speaking speaking all sorta crap about India and Indian vehicles in our induction program. They spoke about population problem in india, The road problem in india and what not.
But none of them even thought for a minute that they were all so capable that with a single call they could have changed it all.
But speaking is really easy...right guys.
Well, i decide to stop at this point. I'm really pissed off and the forthcoming lines might turn abusive for some of them.
So cya guys...will write some other day when my mind is calm.
Cya all....

Harsha Bhat

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