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Book Review: The Company of Women by Khushwant Singh

WARNING: Contains Adult Content. Read the next post if u r a minor...

Before i say something i'd like to quote one of the first lines of the book. Khushwant Singh says "As a man gets older, his sex instincts travel from his middle to his head!!!". And now i disclose the reason why he said so....

He was 83 when he started writing this novel and finished when he was 85!!!

And you read this novel!!! you'll go crazy. The slightest details of the night spent (Read it as SEX) are detailed with such a clarity that you start breathing heavy and it certainly feels as if you are peeping through the key hole of the door they are having IT in..!!! (or feels like watching a tickly porn movie)

it'a all about a man named Mohan who hails from a middleclass brahmin family. Is extremely intelligent (tops the Princeton!!!) and for his higher studies flies ti the US.

Until then he was the same old Indian guy who was CONTENTED WITH HIMSELF (If u know what i mean!!!) and in the US he gets used to the US culture, discipline and their way of living.

There he loses his virginity to a gal named Jessica Brown , a black sexy gal who takes him to her room and their they have it. And as a poor indian guy Mohan is very committed to Jessica. But as the time passed (less than one year) they break up but.....but....mohan has tasted it.. and craves for more...And coz of his SIZE (as explained by the author) he gets more!!!

So finally just before leaving the US he has it with a Pakistani (the very idea of f*****g a Pakistani enthrills me!!! be it literally or in any other terms) named Ms. Yasmeen, much older than him and not so "HAVABLE" (Have+able) lady. but our horny bull Mohan doesn spare her....(pardon was Ms Yasmeen who started it!!)..

Then after returning to India Mohan gets married and no prizes for guessing who his next prey is!!! And with this attack he gets a kid...And then the usual fight starts and they get divorced!!!

And then , again Mohan is again a free man continuing to watch the BIRDS and waiting to hunt them!!! And the next bird is his housemaid. she is dark, short and perfevctly chiseled at proper places and that was enough to quench a term's thirst!!!

Then mohan made a bold move to put up an ad in the MATRIMONY section of a newspaper for a KEEP!!!!! bold fellow (Atleast a bold imagination by Mr.singh). If ur jaw dropped reading the above line then ur jaw will rip apart from the head reading this.........he got several mails back to him from many gals. Wide variety of them. Widows, masseurs, la unsatisfied, etc etc etc....And it's his turn to have one by one...

And he keeps having many..And the same thing continues... to list a few english professor from UP who has a son, a sri lankan ambassador to india, a masseur from goa, a nurse from south. and finally to end alll this he has a final one in a hotel in Mumbai. and unfortunately she is a whore and after six months mohan is diagnosed with the deadly AIDS. And after a couple of years he commits suicide consuming sleeping pills, 30 at once!!!

This ends the story but trust me after reading this ur view towards gals will change!!! and you start expecting a little (ahem....) more from the girl clan!!!

all together khushwant singh explains it so well that you cant stop thinking of trying out something like Mohan......

I finished it in straight 7.5 hours.....Need i say more!!!

You can order it online at

costs about 250 bucks!!!

Book facts: (From Wiki)

Author :Khushwant Singh
Country: India
Language: English
Genre(s): Novel
Publisher: Viking Press
Publication Year :1999
Media type: print (hardback & paperback)
Pages: 294 pp (first edition, hardcover)
ISBN: ISBN 0-670-88991-1 (first edition, hardcover)

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Crap! said...

Dude its 250 Rs! Bloody bug! If you do not know do not write! Pleae I have read that book its YUCK!

harsha bhat said...

@ Crappy Nikhil: Dude....i know how much u've took 6 months for u to finish KARGIL book and u dint even complete Train to pakistan... You are still reading "The autobiography of a sex worker...."
After that comes "Company of Women"
So read it and comment again!!!
Till then shut ur f*****g mouth.

Tushar said...

How do I download the free pdf?