Friday, June 19, 2009

Throne Drifting towards east???

Stolen directly from Times of india. Read the article below. And not just this one.. I've seen many such articles coming up in leading news the indication is quite clear..Is india going back to it's "Queen of the world" status as it had few centuries ago??
Indians!!! buckle up....It's ur time to rule..

India Inc buys 143 US cos in 2 yrs
NEW DELHI: The greater engagement of US with India seems to have benefited the former during the economic downturn as thousands of Americans managed
to save their jobs when Indian corporates went on a major acquisition drive in the US. During the last two years, Indian companies acquired 143 US firms across various sectors. While 94 deals were concluded in 2007-08, in the following year when the economy was on the downturn, Indians bought as many as 50 US entities that were on the verge of closure, saving thousands of jobs. A study, jointly conducted by Indian industry association FICCI and Ernst & Young, said Tata Chemicals, Wipro, Reliance Communications and Firstsource Solutions were some of the top Indian entities that were involved in bailing out US companies in the red. The report released on Thursday said IT&ITeS, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals were the prime sectors in which most of the deals were formalised. Indian companies from the IT sector have over the years been aggressively expanding in the US market. The deals were predominantly debt financed with cash being a popular mode of payment. "This trend probably extends from India Inc's traditional preference for cash transactions in the domestic merger and acquisition space," the report observed. The Ernst & Young report says the boom in the Indian economy in the last three to four years made the domestic companies cash-rich which provided them with access to more capital than in the past. Interestingly, one of the key factors, as the report cites, behind more acquisitions has been the liberal policies introduced by the government and RBI for overseas investments. According to RBI data, in 2007-08 the total outbound investments of Indian companies amounted to $18 billion. In the first half of 2008-09, at least 2,000 proposals valued at $9 billion were cleared for overseas investments in joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries.


Monday, June 01, 2009

Soderling beats So-Darling!!!

OOH my god....i cant excuse myself for having missed that match. The very news of Rafa being defeated at the clay court hit me as a lightning strike..

I'm a fan of rafa and i like every aspect of his game (except his frequent act of scratching (or whatever) his a** while on the court!!) . It was sunday night and i was busy watching a movie (!!!), while the world experienced one of the greatest shocks of tennis history. Rafa , the undisputed king of the clay court and the world number one right now, is knocked out by not so famous , 25th seeded Robin Soderling. This man Soderling is the same person Rafa had beaten in straight sets a few days ago!!! And now he hits back...and in what style!!! He beats the king in his own land!!!

The crowd was surprised, so was the commentator and all the tennis fans worldwide..!!! And more shocked was Soderling!! and in news i see him throwing his racquet into the crowd...!! And no offence in doing that...he must have felt like he had stopped and dammed a fast flowing flooded river, checking his winning streak of 31 matches on clay...

I still cant excuse myself for missing that match.

and after the match what a talk (i wont call it a speech!!!) by Rafa...He admits his defeat and says "This day was bound to come one day...that day was today. I have to accept it " and further he clears a big hurdle for fedex who must have been the happiest man after Soderling !!!

Rafa is out. The man who has been beating fedex since 4 years is out of french open!! It cant get any better for him and i wish Federer wins a Roland Garros...finally one into his pocket!! If he does so he will be having all the four crowns with him!! but Fedex, this is a golden chance and once in a lifetime opportunity for u. coz i'm sure rafa will hit back harder and stronger next year. so win it now or forget it forever.

Finally Congrats soderling!!! and all the best.... and better luck next time Rafa !!! We still love u

-Harsha Bhat