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He was well known as 'Guru' throughout Bharat, and was the second Sarsangh- chalak of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh. His life was wholly dedicated to the service of Motherland. Pure like fire, tender like a flower, his was a personality lofty like the Himalayas. He was a great leader with indomitable courage and a sharp intellect.

Author - Rasika Puttige


M.S. Golwalkar

'Guru' is a name familiar to all. Guru was the second Sarsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh. His full name was Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar.

His was an impressive personality: dignified gait; a long flowing beard reaching down to his chest; curly locks of hair touching the shoulders; a face luminous with innate intellect and learning. His was an inspiring presence. It aroused instant reverence. Whoever saw him spontaneously folded their hands and bowed their heads. Such was Guru.

He instilled patriotism in the hearts of millions of youths of the country. He explained to them the Hindu way of life and philosophy in simple words. Like a true friend, he shared in the joys and sorrows of his countrymen. He molded them into Effective instruments for the worship of Bharat Mata as her worthy children.

He demonstrated that strength derives from organization. He traveled untiringly through the length and breadth of the country almost a hundred times during the 33 years of his glorious tenure as Sarsanghchalak, kindling in the society the immortal flame of enduring love for the Motherland.

He had scaled the highest levels of spirituality through his intense austerity and perseverance. By constant study and reflection he had become a veritable treasure of knowledge. He was a voracious reader even as a boy. He avidly read whatever books he could lay his hands on, from childhood through youth. Several are the disciplines in which he had acquired commendable mastery - History, Art, Religion, Culture, Sciences, Sociology and Economics, to name a few; and he dedicated all his stupendous intellectual faculties to the service of the country. He vastly expanded the network of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh in multiple directions, and inspired and guided thousands of efficient dedicated workers spread throughout the country.


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First of all let me request you all to take enough time to read this mail and analyze the present situation of our nation. If you care for our nation then you will definitely be shocked after reading this mail.

"Bangladesh is a venomous snake.. Never feed it with milk" said M.S.Golwalkar, famous as Sri Guruji. Then we ignored him but today we can see the 'rudra taandava' of the Bangla infiltrators. According to reports there are about 3 crore bangla infiltrators in this country. They are spread all over the country. This is supported by the govt of Bangladesh. In Bangla there are several govt run institutions where they teach Assamese, Manipuri, Hindi and other Indian languages to the infiltrators and send them into our nation.

You will be surprised to see that there is no fencing at the I.B(International Border). Anyone can easily walk without any fear into our nation and nobody can ask. The infiltrators are provided with ration cards and voters id for 1500 rupees(it's obvious that our pig headed pretty politicians do it for their votes...). So all that you have to spend is 1500 rupees to become a voting citizen of India. Surprisingly our so-called netas provide them with their identity proofs. Clearly for the fact that the infiltrators are the big vote bank for them. In the purvanchal(assam,meghalaya,sikkim,etc.....also called the 9 sisters..) states its their votes which decides the ruler. So days are not far when we'll find one infiltrators in our parliament. In Delhi alone there are 13 lakh Bangladeshis!!!!!!(believe it or axn people...).

All the Bangladeshis are sent inside for the cause of jihad (Muslim holy war). On an average each Bangla infiltrator saves and sends 30 rupees per day to Bangladesh for the cause of jihad. We can find masjids and madrasaas exactly on the I.B..(again axn....i mean what i say...u can check it out in the cd i have!!!) When asked about caphirs and jihad, a 6 year old child says "jihad is a holy war against caphirs (non-muslims or the people who don't follow allah and prophet muhammed)…caphirs are to be killed mercilessly so that the one who kills will get jannat(heaven) for his deed." At such a tender age they are taught about how to kill and who is to be killed. When they grow up they attack the parliament, they kill innocent people in Kashmir valley, they attack raghunath mandir, they attack akshardham mandir, they attack ayodhya mandir, they attack Indian Institute of Science, they attack Mumbai, they blast the streets of Delhi,they attack RSS head quarters,they attack me, they attack you,and they attack our society and our mother india cries......

Is there an end for this?????? I say YES……ask a question to yourself…who changed this nation????? No doubt the answer is quote a few names.... Bhagat.singh, Azad, Swami Vivekananda, Madan lal dhingra, Ram prasad Bismill. Not only in one field but wherever you go the changes are brought about by the youth. So now the responsibility of saving the nation is on our shoulders. Let us do it. Let us take the nation to the height of prosperity.

If you feel this is forwarding please do it. Let us pass this message to all the youth community. Let there be awareness among the youth. Else we are heading towards the DEAD END…

waiting for ur comments..............

harsha bhat


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Around the World in 80 days
Author: Jules Verne

M LOVIN IT..........

Can you travel around the world in eighty days?
Ofcourse why not!
But if you were challenged to travel, all the distance only on steamers and trains, would you go in for such a bet?
Well, what about the delay due to various reasons, including those due to bad weather and accidents?
Difficult isn’t it, to put your money. But the main character of Jules Verne’s “Around the world in 80 days”, Phileas Fogg, is said to have done that, way back in 1872.
"Around the world in 80 days” is all about the journey of Phileas Fogg, across the world. Through this "journey", the author tries to capture the landscapes, the people and the culture, across vast parts of the world, through the eyes of an English traveler. This notional journey around the world also depicts the challenges and rewards of the greater journey of life.
The book reflects the attitudes of the Englishman, mostly of the nineteenth century, towards the world. The remarks made about India and the Indians in this book are a mixture of racist bias and superiority complex, which has been often called as the "White mas's burden". This review attempts to point out these baises, without making injustice to the literary part of this work.

The main character, as you know, is Phileas Fogg, an Englishman and a Londoner. He is a thorough “gentlemen” and his manners are “English” enough for every Englishman to be proud of. He was a member of the "Reform club", where he used to spend most of his time. It was during an evening at the Reform, where in a casual colloquy about a bank robbery, that Mr Fogg got into a bet of traveling across the world in just 80 days. His friends at the Reform believed that his estimation was just mathematical, and that eighty days were just not enough. An amount of twenty thousand pounds was put at stake from both sides.

Phileas Fogg got off to a start that very night, with his French servant named Passepartout and with a huge amount of cash with him. Two more people were to join him later in his journey, serendipitously at different places. The first of them was a detective named Fix. He follows Mr Fogg, throughout his journey, in an attempt to arrest him, mistaking him for the person who had swindled off the money from the Bank of England. Fix is behind Phileas Fogg, from the time the steamer, in which the two were traveling, reaches Suez. The detective tries in vain to stop or delay them there, so that he can get the warrant issued from London. But he is determined to arrest Fogg who he believes is escaping to a safe haven. Later, on reaching Bombay too, he tries to put hurdles to delay their journey, but does’nt quite succeed in that.

The journey across the landscapes of India, where Mr Fogg and his servant travel from Bombay to Calcutta by a train is described truly in an English perspective. Although, greenery of the plains has found considerable admiration from the author, the culture and the customs have been seen from the glasses of a Westerner. The India that they knew and that they saw is all about "Elephant riders"," snake charmers", "the cold blooded thugees"," the fanatic fakirs" and the "wretched people". The author seems to be carrying that 'White man's burden' on his shoulder, of 'uplifting' the 'uncivilized' and 'wretched' people of this land.

The train journey from Bombay to Calcutta has a break of a few hundred miles near Allahabad, where the train line is yet under construction. This is the most significant part of their journey, which they travel on an elephant. During this, they courageously rescue a Parsi woman named Aouda, who is being readied for Sutte. She is beautiful and although Indian, she is “civilized” with English manners because of her English education. They take her along with them, so that she could go to a relative of hers at Hong Kong. But at Hong Kong, they don’t find the relative, and hence she proceeds with Mr Fogg on the journey.

Meanwhile, Fix tries to put all kinds of obstacles both legally and by trickery, to their journey. He does not want them to cross the English territory, for after that, arresting the 'culprit' would be a more complicated process, involving extradition. But all these challenges and others caused by nature too, are handled by Fogg, with a great amount of shrewdness. In the face of the greatest challenges too, he does not loose his composure. He puts in, enough money to deal with each of these problems. And to the frustration of the detective, the trio, led by Fogg, cross over to the American continent. Fix, changes his approach and now tries to help Fogg in his journey, so that he could be arrested back on the English soil.

Americans too, are seen with an air of English superiority, as reckless and violent. Then there are the “Indians and the beasts” that mercilessly attack innocent travelers on the trains. There is also the tyrannical fanatic cult, the Mormonists.

The end though of this journey is more thrilling than the last ball of Lagan. Fogg tries hard, but reaches five minutes late, only to realize that he gained a day by traveling to the east, across the world. After the journey though, he has almost spent, as much as he wins in the bet. So he has gained nothing at all from the journey across the world, but for Aouda, who later marries him. The author asks “ Truly, would you not for less than that, make the tour around the world?”.

COURTESY : NIHAR ANNA..............

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HI ALL...........
King is back after a loooooooong break.......

But this time with a real interesting and funny story of my great loss in SHARE TRADING...!!!!

Now let me start with this interesting story………I entered the share market today!!!!!!!
It’s really a gr8 experience so thought of sharing it with u all…….

Okey……….what’s this share market???? Is the BIG Q……….well, infact, I don’t know….!! But I’m trying and struggling hard to learn it in detail….. I was told its something magical but today I realized it……..oh…… much of tension……I was staring at zee business and saw that ranbaxy labs’ shares are jumping and trying to kiss the sky……so I purchased some shares of it (I wont disclose how many ‘coz the number of shares is too low!!!)……..then began the real excitement…..blood pressure went as high as the share value and I was connected to the net the whole day.….and I felt as if the lady in zee business was talking to me continuously… me the updates of ranbaxy…….
I purchased them for 392.70 per share and the graph started to rise……393……..395………and within half an hour it was almost close to 399………I was jumping with joy and my reverie started………
Earning lakhs and lakhs and my bank acc full of market money……..a zee ad fuelled my reverie telling that they are the most trustworthy channel and how a 16 yr boy was earning millions a day….!!!!!!! Believe me they showed it in such a manner that I trusted them and I thought I would be the next person whom they would shoot (camera shooting not the gun shooting….)………

By then my share value had reached 400 and then I don’t know who laid a weight on the arrow pointer…….the share started to fall…… fell…..fell……….fell……..and was inversely proportional to my blood pressure!!!!!
I called my brother twice and messaged him many a times and asked him whether to keep the shares or sell them off???????
But he asked me to retain them………..
Then came down the share value and never glanced up!!!!!!
By the end of the day it stopped at 389…….!!!!!! I’m hitting myself for not having sold my shares when it reached 400…..:-(
But its ok………day started with a value of 380 and closed at 389…………so not bad.
So in a couple of days I can expect a profit!!!!!!
So this was my first share trade…..
But was really thrilling……I’m lovin it(oh ya…even McDonalds is in share market and was a day loser.!!!!!)
Ok………now another scape goat enters the DALAL STREET!!!!! Lets c whether I’ll win or lose…..
Wish me all the best…….
and will visit soon

take care....
HARSHA BHAT (the share trader!!!!!!!!)
pls dont laugh........