Monday, November 02, 2009


Look at the news!!! I was shocked!! What the hell do they think of themselves?? If you are staying in India love India and WORSHIP India ….

And we never objected to your worshipping Allah or whoever!!!

Vande Mataram is our national song. This is the song which unites us all..  Vande Mataram is not just a pair of words..It’s the very inspiration for hundreds of freedom fighters to lay down their lives for the sake of motherland.

It’s the zeal, enthusiasm and the very reason for them having given their blood or taken the blood!!!

It’s the one for India..If you are a muslim first and then an India then get the hell outta my nation. There are many other nations who’ll offer u a red carpet welcome… Go ..get ur asses there…

If you don’t f*****g mind issuing a fatwa against Vande Mataram I don f*****G mind swearing at you and your god…

Enough is enough people…wake up!!! And these politicians address them!!! They want talks with them..Let our soldiers speak to them..let our ak47s answer them…Let them their land…to the land where they can stay without singing Vande Mataram…

Fatwa issued against 'Vande Mataram'










Jamait-e-Ulema Hind or the JEU on Tuesday issued a fatwa against singing national song 'Vande Matram'.



According to a resolution, Muslims should not sing 'Vande Matram' as its reciting is against the Islam.

The resolution, which was passed at the Deoband national convention meet, says that Muslims should not sing 'Vande Matram' as some verses of the patriotic song are against the tenets of Islam. The JEU leader said that the some of the line in the song is against Islam.

Meanwhile, home minister P Chidambaram will address a Jamait-e-Ulema Hind conference in Deoband today. The home minister will also discuss the Sachar Committee Report and POTA issue with Deoband leaders.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Law Board justified the decision saying that (Muslims) can’t offer prayers to anyone but Allah. Kamal Farooqui, a prominent leader of the Board said, "We love the nation but can't worship it."



-With loads of Anger

-Harsha Bhat

What happens if Rajyotsava falls on a sunday??

This saturday (31.10.2009)i was out for department outing and it turned out to be wonderful...I never expected the DHs, GRMs etc are so good at having fun!!! We had enough fun and had foood at a punjabi dhaba....This is the best eatout in coimbatore for sure..None of us could believe we ate 4 rotis each and 2 "aloo de parathe" served by a pagadi-clad sardar...
It was awesome too..So as i was cherishing the good day a shitty idea flashed!!! I discussed with my always-game-for-all-shitty-ideas friends...And the idea was...I would cook chocolates tomorrow!!!all said in unison...GAME!!! and Suhas added a lil sweet to it!! he said i'll prepare Gulab jamun!! In unison we said again..GAME!!!! and then why cant we try pani puri @ home!! we had however planned it last week itself..said chidanand..The senior most.....In unison we said GAME!!! and then we scrapped the plan and thought of watching "LONDON DREAMS" (yup..a hindi movie in coimbatore)...And all shouted in unison ...GAME!!!
So it was LD and not choco jamun pani puri!!! But on a sunday after gettin up @ 11 and gettin ready...all the tickets were sold out...And then came out the same old idea!!! The idea of PP, chocloate and jamun!!! So we started.....
Jamun is easy to prepare (or atleast we thought that way) and we started with dough...jamun balls and heating oil!!! As Vivekanand fried the Jamun balls we made the sugar syrup ready..With more than half a kilo sugar in it..the syrup was all sweet and yummy...Pouring jamun was all it needed from our side.. and wwe dint delay in doing that. So jamun was over..
Then started the chocolate fantasy!!!
I mixed the cocoa powder and milk powder and started preparing sugar syrup. The actual recipe says to add cocoa,butter,milk and sugar in 1:1:2:1 quantity...And i asked mom to confirm!!
And i prepared it all, Poured the butter into it and as the chocolate was just about to get ready for a delicious pour into the plate i found floating butter on the broth!!! The butter is not supposed to float..i cursed AMUL for having manufactured defective butter chunk and poured the extra floating butter and just had a look at the cover of the butter packet..It read 500G!!! I was supposed to add 200G...More than double!! butter was bound to float!! And over that i just felt like tasting the chocolate and i did that...just to spit it back to the washbasin!! It was SALTY!! The f*****g butter was salted and not a single mention about that on the packet!! So i ended up cooking Salty-overbuttered-chocolate!! :-(
Then it was pani puri's turn!!
It went off rather smoothly and was the best of the day...Pani was awesome and so was the bhaji!!!
After that one thing flashed to our mind..Can we just eat jamun, PP and chocolate as our dinner?? Nope was the answer so it was time for dal khichdi!!!
And it was ready in a short span!!
so was time for us to eat everything!!!
All of it...
And then we realised it was Rajyotsava!! Jai kannadambe..we shouted and pounced upon the pani poori and then the khichdi!!! ..the chocolate is still in the refrigerator and the jamun was awesome...we finished it all...
So thus came to an end a great rajyotsava..Or let me call it the best rajyotsava!!!
I returned back home... Got my bed ready and as soon as i fell on my bed!!! my stomach started giving signals!!! And need i say more about this?? ;-)

Well, we are even planning to start our own restaurant......