Friday, July 16, 2010

Killing My Own Child :-(

Ravi ji: Harsha, ninna magoonna neene kondyallo….(Harsha, u killed ur own child…)

Those words of pain still ring in my ears as if it were yesterday. I often remember that man, lean, with a clumsy beard, khadi kurta seldom pressed and nothing but loads n loads of knowledge to share.

Let me introduce Mr.Ravi, A full time member of Samskara Bharathi, an NGO which is doing everything it can to safeguard Indian “Samskara”, the traditional values of India, be it art, literature, music,dance,  or be it anything artistic and Indian, Samskara Bharathi is there for it.

This, Mr.Ravi worked for Texas Instruments for almost 11 years (Now, a techie like me understands what it is to get into Texas instruments and to work there for 11 years!!)and resigned the firm to join samskara Bharathi. Samskara Bharathi pays nothing for it’s volunteers, in turn takes something from them, their time, money, mind and their effort.But Mr.Ravi was determined to do something about the fast diminishing art culture of India. That’s about him, now…why am I writing this, all of a sudden?

There is a reason….

I was in 10th standard (so, it was 8-9 years ago, this incident happened), and I told Mr.Ravi that I have learnt table for 4 years and I know to play it! And he asked me, where are u learning it now? In Dharwad ?

I said no, I’ve given up learning table and then he said “Harsha, ninna magoonna neene kondyallo”….

It was a sunken feeling for me..i know how attached I was to that instrument called Tabla.. But this man, he doesn’t even know that..But just for the sake of art, he said that…And all of a sudden I felt…Alas…I’ve killed my child!!

Now after 8 years I realize what a stressbuster my table would have been in case I had learnt it, or at least continued playing it.

When nobody is there to share things, when there is nothing to do, when we are “idle” and when we are stressed, I feel there should be something to relax your mind.

There should be something which makes u forget all that and enter into a new world where there is nothing but happiness.

I’m madly looking for such a new world…I had it in college, I had it in school, I had it when I was working in Coimbatore!!

Now, I’m in a place where I wanted to be all my life, but I’m lonely…

Looking for something which accompanies me ….badly…

Trying books…trying to learn a new technology, trying to learn photography J,

But m sure will come out with a solution in a month.

Till then, I’m with me!!